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I’ve been asked several times by friends and family members how long this BTC bull cycle will last. Let me first say that I have no idea, and any answers anyone gives you is just a guess. However, we can use historical data to give us an idea of when the market is getting overheated, and one of my favorite historical data sets is the [BTC 200 week moving average](

Historically, monthly percentage increase in the 200 week moving average for BTC has ranged from 0% to 16%. During a bull run up, the increase slowly rises, until it peaks in the mid-teens, and then the market reverses into a bear cycle. This has been true for the last 2 bull cycles, and seems to be holding true for this cycle (so far).

The current BTC 200 week moving average is roughly around 10-11% depending on market prices. That means we technically may have about 2 months of this bull cycle left (possibly more, possibly less) if we follow historical trends, and during that time BTC may increase by 2-4X. Plan accordingly and good luck.

None of this is a guarantee, nor is it financial advice.

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