SAND, CEEK VR, UFO & Nora Price to Breakout!

SAND, CEEK VR, UFO & Nora Price to Breakout!

Several brands across the globe such as Pepsico, Nike, and Adidas are shifting their gears to hot trends in the crypto industry such as Metaverse and NFTs. On 30th November, reputed firm Budweiser launched its own series of NFTs to feature over 1,900 digital collectibles. Besides, Pepsi introduced its own digital collectibles named Pepsi Mic Drop to feature 1,893 Ethereum NFTs. 

On the other hand, popular sportswear brands Nike and Adidas making their efforts to engage with Metaverse. Adidas purchased a Bored Ape Yacht Club token for 46 ETH worth $180k. Howbeit, to counter its competitor, Nike has signed numerous patents for crypto-related virtual collectibles in November. On December 14th, the sportswear firm entered into a collaboration with RTFKT studios, an NFT collectible platform. 

As Metaverse is making its headway to the mainstream, they would rise up to their true potential once the market tantrum is over. A crypto analyst Ellio Trades shown his confidence towards this sector, where he is seen hopeful of massive profits post the correction. Notably, The Sandbox, Ceek VR, UFO Gaming, Nora, and Syscoin would quickly break out to claim new highs. 

Will The Sandbox (SAND) Price Break Out?

The beginning of the week has been quite bearish for the asset. The SAND price plummeted just below 20 days MA reaching $4.77 at the press time. Whilst, RSI is hovering close to oversold territory, it may further retest $3.9 in order to confirm an upward move. It would jump to a high of $6.2 with a successful breakout at local support. 

Will CEEK VR Price Reclaim Its Previous ATH? 

CEEK VR price has seen a phenomenal bull rally post the trend reversal to meta. It was one of the top gainers in the previous metaverse season. The asset has been under a bearish trap since the start of December, where it has made a downside move from ATH of $1.19 to $0.5466. Once the market gets out of a market tantrum, the CEEK price would reclaim its ATH

UFO Gaming Price To Rise From the Ashes? 

UFO price has shown swift volatility since mid-October. Moving in pace with a metaverse season, the project surged by more than 250% to claim ATH of $0.00005592. However, as the market is under bearish supremacy, the asset would resume a bull run once the correction is over.

Collectively, along with the aforementioned tokens, Nora and Syscoin are the other two tokens that have had significant growth in the previous cycle. And these coins are optimistic of major leg up in the approaching bull cycle. However, as rapid developments have been underway and many more collaborations with mainstream industries are lined up, Metaverse would continue to prosper post the market tantrum. 

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