Nano (NANO) vs Stellar (XLM). Which is the best for fast, practically feeless transactions? ⋆ Crypto new media


Both these coins are based around easy, cheap transactions. I thought I would compare a few statistics. Let me know your favourite below!

# Market Cap

Nano – $681m

Stellar – $6.9b <- considerably larger MC

# Market Cap Ranking

Nano – #113

Stellar – #20

# Dollar Value and ATH

Nano – $5.12, ATH – $33.69, %658 increase to ATH

Stellar – $0.30, ATH – $0.88, %293 increase to ATH

Both ATH in 2018

# 24h increase

Nano – 4%

Stellar – 2.4%

# Special features

Nano – Nano uses delegated Proof of Stake. Nano doesn’t have a blockchain. Instead it has a DAG for each wallet. This allows nearly instant transactions. For transactions which are possibly incorrect (double spending) a vote is called on the nodes for which block to keep. There is no mining, so it is free.

Stellar – stellar network is supported by [](, a centralised but non profit and open source. It can handle exchanges between fiat and crypto in transactions. Similar to Ripple (XRP) in that it aims to connect financial institutions across borders. The stellar network uses their currency called Lumens to facilitate the currency exchanges and transactions. A very small fee is used on each transaction to prevent spamming.

# Conclusion

Let me know your preferred coin and why! For me, I think Nano’s <1s speed and free transactions are revolutionary, especially for general use, such as purchasing products in stores.

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