Mebius and Waykichain Partner for Application of Blockchain in Games ⋆ Crypto new media

Mebius and Waykichain Partner for Application of Blockchain in Games ⋆ Crypto new media


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Peerless King has turned into a collaborative opportunity for Chongqing Mebius Network Technology and WaykiChain as both organizations decided to come together for a strategic partnership. Mebius Network is a well-known name in the segment of blockchain gaming solutions, while WaykiChain has been dominant in the sphere of public blockchain technology. And now, both organizations have made an agreement to harness each other’s strengths for wider market reach and a larger customer base.

Mebius network has carved a place for itself in the industry thanks to its ability to offer superior technology and holistic solutions. The organization is involved in providing a range of services, including the construction of the website, development of the mobile app and WeChat Applet, and management services for the back-end. At the core of its services lies the software technology basis, which the company is able to provide customized solutions to its clients across business segments.

Mebius is quite upbeat about the adoption of blockchain technology; however, the organization lacks the requisite skills and experience in order to use the open ledger in developing gaming solutions. This is why it is collaborating with WaykiChain that has in-depth experience and expertise in the core concepts underlying blockchain technology. The transaction processing capacity per second at WaykiChain stands at more than 4500, and this, coupled with its highly effective consensus mechanism and credible features, will enable it to meet the blockchain technology needs of Mebius and further expand WaykiChain’s ecosystem applications. This partnership is a win-win for joint promotion.

Peerless King is the first example of the success that the association of Mebius and WaykiChain has yielded. This masterpiece of the games is impressively ranked among the various games categories with attaining the third rank in action and second rank in role-playing game segments. The total number of downloads for the game has been pegged at 854000 with a 3.7 average rating point.

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