Guide to convert Reddit Moons to cash ⋆ Crypto new media

***1.*** ***Link Metamask or Brave Wallet with your Reddit wallet.***

* Get Metamask [](
* Now Open the Reddit app on your mobile
* Open your Reddit Vault -> Click on the 3 dots next to Vault -> Copy your recovery phrase
* Open Metamask -> click “Import using account seed phrase -> paste your reddit vault recovery phrase -> set password

***2.*** ***Seeing your Reddit moons in Metamask.***

* In Metamask, switch to the Rinkeby Test Network
* Click “Add Token” -> Click “Custom Token
* In the “Token Contract Address” field, put in:
* Click “Next” -> Click “Back” -> Click “Custom Token” -> In the “Decimals of Precision” field, put in 18 -> Click “Next” -> Click “Add Tokens”

***3.*** ***Funding your wallet to cover fees***

* Fund your main wallet from anywhere you like with Ethereum
(switch back to the “Main Ethereum Network” copy the address, and then send some Ethereum)
* Fund your “Rinkeby Test Network” with Ethereum ( Use []( )

***4.*** ***Fund your your “Main Ethereum Network” wallet with Dai***
There are 3 ( **Oasis, Uniswap** and **Kyberswap** ) solid DeFi exchanges below, look between all 3, to see who has the best GAS rate at the time, to maximize the amount you get from your Moons!

* Go to the DeFi exchange of your choice
* Link your Metamask wallet
* Buy 10 Dai with the ETH you have on your “Main Ethereum Network” account

**5. Adding the xDai Network**

* Now go back to Metamask -> Click on the Network Dropdown -> Click “Custom RPC” -> In the “Network Name” field, put xDai -> In the “New RPC URL” field, put [](
->Click “Save”

***6.*** ***Now you need to convert 5 Dai to 5 xDai***

* Go to [](
* Link your Metamask wallet, in the top-right
* Switch to the “Main Ethereum Network” wallet
* Put in 5, and click Transfer
* Confirm the transfer in your wallet pop-up

***7.*** ***Converting those moons into $$$***
Disclaimer: Selling large quantities of moons, at once, may tank the market, due to low liquidity.
There are many moon exchanges but HoneySwap has a high liquidity.

**HoneySwap converting xMoon’s for xDai**

* Go to [](
-> Accept the disclaimer -> Switch to your xDAI network, within Metamask -> Convert your xMOON’s to xDAI. -> Confirm the transaction, within the Metamask pop-up

***Now converting those xDAI, back to DAI.***

*This can take up to 1 hour as reported by some users.*

* Go to [](
* Switch to your “xDAI” Network within Metamask, if you are not already on it.
* Transfer your xDAI to DAI via the bridge.
* Confirm the transaction in your Metamask wallet pop-up
* You should now have your DAI in your “Main Ethereum Network” Account
* You can then use Oasis etc, or other DeFi exchanges, to convert that DAI to ETH, etc.
* Send the Ether to an exchange and sell it, or send it into your wallet and hodl / stake it

Full detailed guide: [](

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