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I’m a little annoyed by the non-data-driven trading *wisdom* like selling at the typical MA50 / MA200 Bitcoin death cross nonsense. Here our current arising death cross:

[death cross nonsense](

I was wondering why so many people just put up with this without doing any data-driven simulations on it. With a simple python script I have compared the death cross strategy with the bitcoin HODL strategy. Here is the result:

[HODL vs. death cross](

The death cross would have turned $ 1 into $ 22,000.

Sounds good right?

But HODL would have given you $ 812,000. You would have missed -97.3% performance if you had listened to the death cross. Of course, historical backtesting is no guarantee for the future, but at least this data-driven analysis has brought the big picture closer to me.
(some details could be found [here]( in a short video)

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