Bitcoin And A Limitless Experience

Bitcoin And A Limitless Experience

Limitations Of The Physical World

If you were to ask a stranger, “What are the properties of a physical object?” They would likely say it can be touched, it has volume and mass, and is made up of atoms. If you were to ask about its limitations, they might say it must travel a physical path to move from point A to point B (no teleportation); it cannot be given to a person without being relinquished by the giver (discrete ownership); or it degrades over time (increasing entropy).

If you asked the same person how to describe “information,” they might say essentially the opposite; it’s intangible, it can be given to someone while the giver retains it, and it can survive in perpetuity without changing. In summary, the physical is finite and limited, while the metaphysical is infinite. Many of us (myself included until recently) believe that no single entity can be both finite and infinite. Enter Bitcoin.

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