A Classic Lesson In Hard Money

A Classic Lesson In Hard Money

*All images in this article are from Hayao Myazaki’s “The Castle Of Cagliostro.”

The lowering of a fiat curtain sealed off all connections to a hard money standard and our global economy has sunk knee-deep into a bog of fiscal uncertainty, mooched by money-sucking mosquitos à la fractional reserve banking, whipped by the winds of politically fueled monetary policies, and a populace’s perspective clouded by the indoctrination into an inflationary ideology. Unsound monies are defenseless against the gaming of its production and purchasing power, making the utilization of an unsound money prone to the personal goals of megalomaniacs. The antagonist in “The Castle of Cagliostro” enslaves the world’s economy through the flaws of fiat as an unsound money.

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